Environmental responsibility

Aware of the ecological footprint that a company's activity can generate, DECOTEC strives to apply the principles of sustainable development throughout the manufacturing process of its bathroom furniture.

Maestro meuble de salle de bain par DECOTEC

DECOTEC is becoming more involved every day and is making progress in taking charge of its environmental impact in order to participate in the protection of the planet’s resources.

Resources of controlled origins

We pay attention to the origin of the materials used in the manufacture of our bathroom furniture.
The wooden raw materials used by DECOTEC are PEFC certified (European Program for Certified Forests), in a responsible approach to sustainable forest management, where each felled tree is replanted. In addition, the wood used to manufacture our furniture contributes to the fixation of atmospheric CO2.

This label mainly certifies European woods and those from temperate zones (Europe and South America). This certification is renewed every five years.

We have also invested in a wood cutting machine which optimizes cutting; so we cut our wood needs as accurately as possible to manufacture our furniture, taking care to preserve limited resources.

In addition, the remaining cuts are reused.

The possibility of custom manufacturing contributes to our desire to promote a mode of consumption that is more respectful of resources, both human and natural. DECOTEC chooses to produce as close as possible to its customers in order to limit its ecological impact.

The old colorama

Plaquettes laques plastiques 2

New colorama brochure

Aware of its environmental responsibility and fully committed to concrete actions, DECOTEC has chosen to replace the plastic pads of its colorama with pads made from scrap wood from the manufacture of its furniture.

Plaquettes nuancier bois

New recycled packaging

Packaging recyclé

A return to basics with a packaging with a sleek design and 100% recyclable.

DECOTEC has modified the packaging of its iconic Longchamps towel holder to use recyclable ink. Exit the chromo color, make way for simplicity.

The old packaging

Ancien packaging longchamp

Recycled waste

Programme eco-emballage avec DECOTECEach workshop has a container for collecting paper and cardboard that it no longer needs. These bins are collected by a specialised company, enabling us to recycle all cardboard and paper from the company and from deliveries.

The cardboard we use for our own packaging is itself made from recycled cardboard; the packaging of our furniture respects the environment, cardboard and paper are recycled and recyclable.

DECOTEC participates in the Eco Emballage programme, in order to reintegrate all its waste into a transformation process and thus fight against waste.

By paying a contribution to this eco-organisation, DECOTEC participates in the financing of projects for the recycling of household packaging. The logo is present on all our furniture packaging.

French manufacturing carbon footprint

All our collections are made in Sarthe.

Mirrors made in our workshops travel less than those made in foreign countries.

Our furniture is delivered from our factory located in Tuffé, which considerably reduces the carbon impact linked to transport.

5 year warranty

The quality of furniture has always been a fundamental value of DECOTEC. It guarantees maximum durability and safe use of all our products. Conscious more than ever today of the duty to produce less and always better in order to save the planet, DECOTEC is committed to the movement of deconsumption with its quality and durable furniture. All our furniture is guaranteed for 5 years.

At DECOTEC, we guarantee the best quality to our customers, from the choice of our suppliers and our materials to the design and manufacture of our products.

We work every day in search of innovation to offer furniture that is ever more adapted to new consumer demands and to the tendency to respect the planet’s resources.

In addition, the after-sales service is always quick to find a solution to repair our furniture, and meet the needs of our customers.

NF certification

Obtaining the NF Ameublement Exigence mark in 2006 testifies to our social and environmental commitment.

The NF mark is a collective certification mark. It guarantees the quality and safety of certified products and services. The NF mark not only guarantees compliance with the standards in force, but also compliance with additional quality criteria corresponding to consumers’ needs.

Standard E1

All furniture designed in MDF particle board at DECOTEC complies with the E1 standard. Thus, all our furniture is developed with thick woods and little loaded with formaldehyde, which makes it ecological, solid furniture, respectful of the environment and your well-being.

Customer health and safety

DECOTEC is committed to manufacturing bathroom furniture that respects the health of consumers. We are therefore committed to guaranteeing you the use of materials that comply with the following requirements:

  • Céramyl & Solid Surface tested according to standard NF EN 14688
  • DECOTEC mirrors equipped with lighting are class II-IP44 approved and certified according to standard NF EN 60598
  • Our wood panels are classified E1 for their formaldehyde emissions.
  • No hazardous substances classified as CMR 1 or containing preservatives are used in the manufacture of our furniture. In terms of REACH regulations, our products are not considered as articles that may release dangerous chemical substances or compounds and therefore do not require safety data sheets.
  • Professional equality M / F:

    Overall index 92 points out of 100

  • Women represent

    40% of our workforce

Professional equality

The men and women of DECOTEC, sharing the same values ​​of excellence and high standards, work with passion to design, create and shape our furniture. We believe in the richness of each person, in the complementarity of talents and in diversity.

2 of our 5 production workshops are led by women, the carpentry workshop and the assembly-assembly workshop.

Working conditions

Everyone working at DECOTEC deserves a working environment that ensures health, safety, fairness and equal opportunities. DECOTEC values ​​the individual by giving meaning to the work of its employees, by offering favorable working conditions and by encouraging quality social dialogue. For DECOTEC, preserving health and safety is a priority; the company undertakes to take the necessary measures in order to anticipate the risks associated with working in the factory, by providing information (setting up a welcome booklet, informative document on good factory work practices) , training, supply of safety and health preservation equipment essential for an industrial environment, versatility.

DECOTEC is aware of its societal role by maintaining 170 jobs in Sarthe, by developing the capacities and skills development of its employees.