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The BEL AMI piece of furniture is part of a happy modernity. Front with a curved line, BEL AMI seduces with its decor, between lacquer and wood adornment. The choice of colors is made from the wide range of glossy, extra-matt or metallic lacquers specific to DECOTEC and allows you to personalize your furniture as you wish.


BENTO or composed modernity. BENTO is modular, BENTO is built according to your space and according to your wishes. DECOTEC offers furniture that can be modulated and build your space according to your wishes. A wide range thanks to its multiplicity of lengths associated with 3 different heights.


A combination of original materials, clean and taut lines, a suspended volume, KARMA transports you; a moment of emotion, without concessions.


Compact and practical, the JOLIE MÔME collection with curved lines and large storage spaces gives chic to your bathroom. You will be seduced by its drawers which conceal a beautiful storage space. The lacquer of the front enhanced by chrome handles is highlighted by a hollow joint in anthracite gray finish. A DECOTEC creation.